Installing an automatic irrigation system will ensure your yard will always look its finest. Showing off dense, green grass watered automatically, even when you are away from home. Clearwater Irrigation specializes in domestic design, installation and maintainance of water-saving irrigation systems that protect your landscape investment.

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Clearwater Irrigation provides a wide array of services, from installing sprinkler systems that keep your lawn well nourished, to our 4-step fertilizer program that delivers fertilizer right to your door. We also provide core aeration services that help your lawn breathe, and outdoor lighting products to help your home shine at night. We take great pride in a high level of workmanship in our installations. We build our reputation with each project we install, so we don't cut corners just to save a few pennies.

We sometimes hear from property owners about less-than-satisfactory experiences with other companies. They tell us of poor planning, unfinished construction, even a lack of consideration or courtesy. You can rest assured that Clearwater Irrigation won't disappoint you. Our extensive experience and training go into every project, so yours will turn out right. We enjoy what we do and the people we work for, and every member of our company will exceed your expectations for professionalism. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best value, quality and satisfaction from our services.

1. Go into your garage and locate the galvanized plug or spigot that is on top of the irrigation controller. Wrap it with 1-2 turns of Teflon tape or smear a light coating of plumbers putty over the threads of the plug. This step is necessary because it will prevent the plug from allowing a leak to occur during the summer months. If the plug is missing, a new one can be purchased at most hardware stores. The plug size is either a 1/2" or 3/4" diameter. PVC white plastic or galvanized plugs work best.

Are you ready to install a water irrigation system for your yard? If you install a system using WaterSense controllers, many cities provide rebates. Smart irrigation systems prevent unnecessary watering by monitoring rainfall and/or soil moisture. They prevent watering during rainy or wet periods. Once the soil dries, normal watering starts again. This helps conserve water, which saves energy and money. Several cities provide rebates for these types of irrigation systems since they encourage water conservation.

Hard, compacted soil and thatch take away your lawn's ability to breathe. They keep water and fertilizer away from the roots too. Let Clearwater Irrigation open up your soil and help control thatch with power core aeration. We'll create thousands of growth pockets to catch water, air and fertilizer, helping to increase rooting. Our power core aeration creates thousands of new growth zones throughout your lawn by removing 1" to 3" cores of soil. These cores eventually dissolve, helping to speed up the natural process of thatch breakdown.

We are pleased to offer you the best do-it-yourself fertilizer program available. We'll deliver our Professional Turf Program right to your door with instructions on when and how to apply, and how to set your spreader. We'll also provide you with mowing tips, and a guide to proper watering and setting your irrigation controller. On a scale of 1 to 10, core aeration rates an 11 for improving your turf quality. Lawns can be aerated nearly year-round; we typically aerate in the month of September.

Are you ready to control your home irrigation system from anywhere in the world? The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Wi-Fi compatible controller is the ideal option for all your residential irrigation needs. No more returning home to an overwatered lawn because you'd forgotten to adjust its settings before leaving on vacation. The Rain Bird's ESP-TM2 is compatible with the new Rain Bird LNK WiFi module, allowing you to simply plug it in, download the app and control your system from anywhere! It provides simple water saving solutions that are easy to use and maintain.

Have you ever thought about installing outdoor lighting? Clearwater Irrigation installs low-voltage lighting systems. Let us awaken your home and extend the use of your outdoor living areas well past sundown. Homeowners often try to prevent theft and deter trespassers with high-voltage floodlights. A better choice is strategically placed low-voltage lights from Clearwater Irrigation. These lights will provide low levels of illumination evenly distributed around your property. This avoids the problem of glaring lights that leave unseen areas in the shadows.