Cornett Masonry is a FULL SERVICE custom masonry and concrete professional firm with the highest in quality design and installation of interlocking concrete pavers, retaining walls, clay brick, block and stone in a range of exciting applications. See our elegant online Job Portfolio.

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Cornett Masonry provides professional design, installation, and maintenance of all phases of masonry, pavers, walls, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Cornett Masonry is at the forefront of paving stone installation. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up. We believe that as people become aware of the superiority of a segmental pavement and that as we continue to require our customer's overwhelming approval of our installations, Cornett Masonry will continue to be a dynamic leader in an expanding industry.

Modern pool or spa deck designs aren't limited to poured concrete. In fact, the emphasis has now shifted to pavers rather than other traditional methods. Some people use concrete, while others prefer stone, brick or even permeable pavers as decking materials. Coping is the edging installed in the pool and can be made from different materials. Like decks, it used to be made from poured concrete, Today, you can choose from options like poured cantilever, tiled or veneered cantilever, stone coping or precast coping in your in ground pools and spas.

People are becoming more environmentally conscious. Everyone wants to do their bit to help the environment so they have started opting for eco-friendly options in construction, design, fuel, food, etc. Needless to say, you're probably also looking for eco-friendly options in landscape design. One of the ways to help the environment through landscape design is by installing permeable pavement. Many of our clients, over the years, here in Thousand Oaks as well as the neighboring towns of Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Moorpark, Calabasas and Simi Valley have already installed permeable pavers in their outdoor spaces.

Concrete can be stunning. You don't really need to pay money for better looking walls, walkways and driveways; you can get any look you want with our range of custom concrete. Today, there's no end to the colors and designs you can create with concrete. You can install stamped concrete patio that looks like stone, or can opt for colored concrete for your driveways and walkways. There's no scarcity of choices. Many of our clients in our home town of Thousand Oaks and the neighboring suburbs of Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Moorpark and Calabasas have gone the concrete way.

Landscape water features add an entirely different element to the overall design of your home or commercial property. Water features like fountains, ponds and water cascades have been a part of landscape design for several hundred years now. Even old mansions and castles have a water feature of some kind in their backyard or gardens. The sound of flowing water can create a different environment in your backyard. Many of our clients here in Thousand Oaks as well as the nearby suburbs of Westlake Village, Moorpark, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley & Calabasas have installed a water feature of some kind or the other in their lawns and gardens.