Greenkeeper's Landscapes has been landscaping the Tulsa area since 1989. We supply the best quality in design, construction and support to our customers. We provide complete service landscape design and lawn maintenance. It doesn't matter the size of the job, tiny or huge, we do them all.

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  City Tulsa, OK
  Zip Code 74108
  Address 725 South Lynn Ln Rd
  Phone Number (918) 234-3810

From Our Website

I've enjoyed designing, building, and caring for landscapes for a few decades now - still do. And one of my favorite parts has always been getting to know people! You really have to in order to craft a space for someone that's all about them and brings a connection with Nature that, oftentimes, we're really missing. Get to know more about what makes my team and I love what we do for people in the Tulsa area! How bright is city government? For the purposes of this silly post from the future, exceptionally.

How could your backyard beat every app on your phone and every show in your queue for how you want to spend time after work? Can you imagine your yard being so tranquil that, when you need to unwind, it's where you most want to be? For over a quarter century, Greenkeeper's Landscapes has designed natural spaces for people, and grown from a little outfit I started with the best business parter I could ever want - my wonderful wife Charla - into a team of real craftsmen I work beside and who share our passion.

Architects have designed many beautiful buildings. But it's something else stepping into a space that's actually alive! All the more when it was designed around you, for how you want to relax or celebrate, a place that's at times a personal refuge on a quiet morning with just your thoughts, or at others a private getaway shared with family and friends. And so we take a lot of time to listen, to ask, and to be very thoughtful about this. We want to deeply understand how we can delight everyone we work for, and that continues in the way we install our designs.

Below you'll find pictures of our craft "in the field" for many different clients over the years.