At Hanselman Landscape, we're committed to bringing the joy of natural beauty into our customers' daily experience. Since 1985, it has been our privilege to design, build and nurture a huge range of gardens in both corporate and private settings in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our team includes craftsmen skilled in maintenance, installation, nursery care, design and management.

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  City Manheim, PA
  Zip Code 17545
  Address 1377 N Colebrook Rd
  Phone Number (717) 665-1550

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Founded in 1985, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens designs, builds, and nurtures a wide variety of gardens in both private and corporate settings. From our headquarters in Manheim, Pennsylvania, we serve clients throughout the region, including Philadelphia's Main Line-and as far away as Cambridge, Massachusetts. We also cultivate unique specimen plants which we make available to discriminating gardeners and architects.

Since long-term relationships and successful gardens fit naturally, we work hard to earn trust at every level as webring the joy of natural beauty into our clients' lives. With unique solutions to complex challenges, Hanselman Landscape's garden design experts will embrace your home with a custom-tailored, sustainable landscape design. Japanese gardens, swimming pool landscapes with refreshing waterfalls, and carefully-pruned specialty plants are just a few of the ways we can bring natural beauty into your daily experience.

The joy and serenity of a beautiful, well-planned garden can be quickly hidden behind an overgrowth of weeds. However, a weed-free garden requires the commitment of time and energy. This is where we can help. Flexibly priced-Our weed control programs have different price points depending on the level of care you desire. We can visit occasionally to treat the weeds that cause you the most trouble, or we can visit frequently to keep your garden beds looking pristine and weed-free. The choice is yours.

Hanselman Landscape is passionate about bringing joy and beauty to your garden by developing vibrant, healthy plants. In our planning process, we group plants in communities with similar nutritional needs. However, if a plant seems to be struggling, we are able to troubleshoot the problem and offer solutions. In some cases, a fertilization program is the solution. Diagnosis-We will test your plants and the soil in which they are growing so that we know exactly what nutritional additive your various plants require.

From the roar of a towering waterfall to the gentle murmur of a brook, water can evoke awe, elation and serenity. Hanselman Landscape has the privilege of bringing the added value and sensory delights of water features to the gardens and daily experiences of clients all across Central Pennsylvania. We would be pleased to do the same for you. Careful planning and installation-It is important to us that the water features we build appear to be integrated into the landscape or garden, rather than stuck on as an afterthought.

Plant pests are numerous and are often difficult to detect. In addition, they tend to spread quickly and are difficult to eradicate. Hanselman Landscape crew members can protect your garden from the threat of plant pests, and are able to limit the damage that is done by quick identification and effective treatment. Regular monitoring-Many clients combine our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with regularly-scheduled pruning visits to achieve the greatest care and value for their gardens.

A sense of belonging to the space-We design our swimming pools to fit beautifully and proportionately into the surroundings, as if the spaces occurred naturally. An integration of all parts of the composition-This means the pool will not be a stand-alone item, but will flow naturally with the other plantings and structures in the environment. A visual appeal in all seasons of the year-We design our swimming pools to be attractive year 'round, even during the months when the pool itself is not in use.

Designing a garden is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. No matter what kind of garden design you are in the market for-patio garden, Japanese garden, swimming pool garden, or even a commercial garden-our proven process delivers results that are customized to your particular needs and which will grow with you through the years. Explore-During our free consultation, we listen to your goals, inspirations, and ideas, and answer any questions you may have. Together, we'll explore ways to help you reach your garden dreams, keeping your garden budget in mind.