Hoffman Landscape LLC is a well established full service landscape construction and maintenance Company. We aim to establish and maintain a reputation of trusted advice, quality of materials and excellence of service. Hoffman Landscape is an environmentally conscious company that strives to be a leader in the future of green projects. Landscaping with more environmentally useful products will increase efficiency and reduce the negative impact we have on the world we live in.

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  City Caledonia , WI
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  Address 4569 W 5 Mile Road
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Hydroseeding, Seeding

Hydroseeding, Seeding

Hydroseeding is a fast, cost effective way to achieve established grass areas. It is achieved by spraying the mix of mulch, fertilizer and seed which usually sprouts within 4-6 days. Hoffman Landscape completed numerous projects for the Developers and WI Department of Transportation involving hydroseeding.

Retaining walls installation

Retaining walls installation

Hoffman Landscape designs and builds professional hardscape spaces. Our functional patios, walks, driveways and retaining walls have enhanced the flow of our clients' landscapes. We look forward to creating a long lasting relationship with you through great design and construction.

Permeable Pavers Installation

Permeable Pavers Installation

Much of current development leaves a high percentage of land surfaces with impermeable materials. Urban areas typically have between 75-100% impervious surface cover, which results that only 15% of precipitation infiltrates the ground, and full 55% remains on the surface as storm water runoff. Permeable interlocking concrete pavements are surfaced with unit block pavers that allow for an expanded joint between units. The joint is then filled with open-graded aggregate, making the pavement surface permeable.

This type of paver installation offer a multitude of possible benefits:
Water absorption by the soil;
Increased recharge of groundwater;
Reduction of downstream flows;
Stream bank erosion;
Elimination of flooding of paved areas.

Primary goal is to reduce runoff volume on site and find beneficial uses for the water as opposed to utilizing storm drains.

Native and Adaptive Plantings

The use of native plants in landscapes is becoming more popular for some very green reasons. These plants generally require less water, fertilizer, and pest controls than many popular, non- native landscape plants to remain healthy.

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