Our passion for excellence in all dimensions of our work is what distinguishes us. No matter what your need, whether it be: garden design or lawn care services, tree care or bed mulching, soil inspection or paver construction; we are confident we currently have the expertise after all, we have been at this for over three decades! Contact us and we will show you how to make your dream into living reality!

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  City Newport, KY
  Zip Code 41076
  Address 6396 Licking Pikes
  Phone Number (859) 441-3552

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Kendrick & O'Dell is delighted with the expansion of our Management Services. We believe in good stewardship, so caring for your "living resources" matters a great deal to to us. Kendrick & O'Dell, with their keen sense of observation and their many secret sources, has also managed to put together a unique collection of hard to find plant materials. These are available for purchase by the public, but by appointment only. If interested, please call 859.441.3552 to arrange for an appointment.

In March 1978 the seed was planted. Dan Kendrick and Kevin O'Dell, two hardworking and budding entrepreneurs who shared a passion for plants, trees and gardening, started their own landscaping company. Like the scrawny seedling that matures into a hardy, robust and beautiful shade tree, Kendrick & O'Dell has flourished. Today, over 35 years later, they and their staff ("family" would be a better term) form one of the region's premier landscaping companies. Interview anyone who has been associated with them and you'll find the same adjectives cropping up again and again: dedicated, knowledgeable, competent, skilled, committed, conscientious, responsive, friendly, hardworking, passionate, attentive, flexible, adaptive, innovative, creative, cutting edge.

Kendrick & O'Dell is deeply committed to learning. An ever-growing knowledge base of of changing environmental issues such area pests, soil, plant species and so on, is being acquired through continual education. Speaker series lectures, personal research, and shared knowledge in the horticultural community allows Kendrick & O'Dell to utilize the best stewardship practices available to date. Our philosophy drives and shapes our work, so if you're considering us as someone to manage your "green assets, " you first need to know something about our philosophy.

The top "Best in Show" award at the Cincinnati Flower Show, 2008, went to Kendrick & O'Dell, for the floral design and installation providing the ambiance of a French sidewalk cafe at the Café des Fleurs in the show's Grand Marquee. Kendrick & O'Dell also received the Governor's Award under the professional category for "The most outstanding display of forced plant material". Additionally Kendrick & O'Dell received a Gold Medal from the CHS (Cincinnati Horticultural Society) with a score of ninety-nine from the judges.

And we love a good partnership, often collaborating with outside designers and architects as part of their team to get the very best results for what your site needs. Give us a call and let's see what we can grow together. We'd love to make your world a little greener and more peaceful! We might not be the right fit for everyone, but we'd be glad to help you if we can, even if that means steering you in the right direction. Kendrick & O'Dell consists of quality people who go out of their way to find exceptional plants and plant material.

We guide you through the entire process: consulting, designing, installing and maintaining! Whether that means zoning requirements, engineering, architect design, or comprehensive maintenance, we stay with you until we know you're completely satisfied. With Kendrick & O'Dell you can be confident you'll get top quality at every level. We're committed to using the best quality plants and trees, the best soil, and the best transplant practices to make sure your investment is protected. Our efficient, conscientious and hardworking crews will make sure you meet whatever deadlines you face.

This is where we shine! We were the first in the Greater Cincinnati area to introduce unusual and exotic grasses as an integral part of lawn and garden design. Our curiosity and passion for special plants has led us far and wide, taking us to the most unlikely places, so we can introduce you to hundreds of plants that you may never have heard of but are ideally suited for this region. We have relationships with the most reputable plant nurseries around, and because of our long-standing ties with them we have have access to the cream of their crop.