Kwik Kerb is the premier provider of concrete curbing and landscape edging in the world today. The Kwik Kerb name is very well known, and respected as synonymous with quality concrete edging. By innovating and improving the extruded concrete curbing during the last 20 years, we've introduced many new products to the continuous concrete curbing business.

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Though concrete edging has been laid in many shapes since the early seventies, nobody had put any effort into developing a concrete edging product with enhanced appearance. Kwik KerbŪ developed the EuroStyle concept over a couple of years, with much research and a lot of help and feed-back from many Kwik KerbŪ operators. We launched our new concept on the Gold Coast, Australia as a world first and the results have been over-whelming, as customers all over the world embraced our new product.

When a Kwik KerbŪ operator starts out in the concrete landscape curbing business he is thoroughly trained in the use of his equipment. Much emphasis is placed on the finishing of the work so that Kwik Kerb'sŪ high standards are maintained. This attention to detail with initial and on-going training of each Kwik KerbŪ operator gives our customers much confidence in the final appearance of the completed work. New Kwik KerbŪ operators are here undergoing their first days training at our special school.

In keeping with Kwik Kerb tradition we have recently released another fabulous new product - EuroBrick! As the true innovators in this industry, we have taken the EuroStyle concept one step further with another "world first". Before release, this particular product was developed over a period of three years with the assistance of pioneering Kwik Kerb operators in Australia and USA. The product has been thoroughly tested and has been released to Kwik Kerb operators in North America. EuroBrick is soon to be released in Australia as well.

If you choose a Kwik KerbŪ operator as the provider of your concrete landscape curbing, you should be assured of a job you will be well satisfied with. Kwik KerbŪ operators have a policy of guaranteeing your satisfaction with your new curbing product. This means that you the consumer, should have confidence in choosing Kwik KerbŪ. Operators receive training in the machinery operation and application of the many unique Kwik KerbŪ surface finishes. Choose Kwik KerbŪ for your project.

This exciting addition to the Kwik Kerb range means that you can have permanent and safe illumination in your garden. KerbLight uses space-age materials with excellent resistance to weather and the elements. The KerbLight components have the highest rating available and are actually the same bulbs as used in aircraft. Using a low 24 volts, the lighting is safe. A very strong but tiny tube is imbedded right into the surface of the concrete landscape edging. This is connected underground by a pair of heavy duty wires to a transformer located in your garage or somewhere else out of the weather.

Kwik KerbŪ is an excellent business opportunity. Kwik KerbŪ has been the premier concrete curbing business available worldwide for budding Entrepreneurs for nearly two decades. Since it's inception in 1986, Kwik KerbŪ has been steadily expanding around the globe. Using the well known trademark on the left, today thousands of Kwik KerbŪ operators are quietly earning an excellent income in this emerging industry. Kwik KerbŪ is not a franchise, but owners benefit from all the advantages that the franchise concept provides.

Kwik Kerb continuous concrete curbing can make a dramatic improvement to any area from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Just look at the remarkable difference that Kwik Kerb and a little creativity has done for this garden area. Defined path edges, foliage control, and functional beauty are what Kwik Kerb is all about. Just imagine what can be done at your property with Kwik Kerb! Kwik Kerb operators have been enhancing driveways with concrete landscape edging for over 20+ years. All over the world, the same problems with driveways exist, where a proper definition of of the edge of the driveway is required.

Depending upon what part of the world you are located in, Kwik Kerb operators can show you an extensive range of colors, when they come to the site to provide a quote. When choosing your color for your project, you must consider the fact that most times more than one color is used in the creation of the work. Your Kwik Kerb operator will assist you in the selection of a color which will suit your landscape. Special products are also used by Kwik Kerb which strengthens the surface of your concrete landscape edging.