We use only the best quality, lowest maintenance, outdoor lighting system components available on the professional market. That is why when you choose to work with Landscape Illumination., you can be sure of receiving nothing but the absolute best system available. All work is personally designed.

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  City South Bend, IN
  Zip Code 46601
  Phone Number (574) 234-8080

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The hired help is not skilled and left messes behind. You'll feel like changing the locks once they leave. The lights were not what was ordered- they looked awful initially actually. No acceptance of their own mistake in the lights and were bothered by me asking for a redo. I intercepted a text that was meant for someone else ( sent to me by accident) suggesting that I simply didn't like the lights and was mad- no mention that the lights were not what was ordered and they had made a mistake. He tried to convince me they looked good at first when he knew a mistake was made. They did not look good. It was so frustrating to receive such poor service when I paid so much money. Final invoice for the balance did not match first invoice showing the deposit that was paid. The main guy is creepy- can't remember his name.

After I had him come give me an estimate and paid him the 50% down payment, he actually texted me a few weekends later just to say hi and ask what I was up to. I had already paid over $1,000 so went forward with receiving the service but should have gone with my gut and just dropped them and asked for a refund. Sure enough, they proved me right. They did the work a week late which is a big deal when it's Holiday lights you asked to be up within a day of Thanksgiving. And he used the excuse that they were busy and overwhelmed so they were running behind. They are a lighting company! They put up Christmas lights! Hire more people during the holiday season to do the work you've committed to, for heaven's sake! We even had mild weather this year. The end result was a poor job, an unfinished job, poor service and the gut feeling they are "shady" with their business practices. I have worked with a highly regarded professional lighting company before and they make this shop look like a traveling lights salesmen who will be moving on to the next town before anyone realizes the scam. I am extremely disappointed. And I will surely never use them for any of their services again.

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Is your outdoor lighting system in need of repair or upgrade, but you can't get in touch with the company who installed it? No problem! Landscape Illumination has a team of service technicians on staff to handle all of your service needs year-round. Call at 877-850-6193 or fill out the contact form and highlight service. We will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Darrin Selking and Landscape Illuminations talks about Kichler LED landscape lighting and how it is changing the industry says among other comments that this is a green technology that pays for itself. Landscape Illumination, Inc. is a landscape lighting and seasonal lighting and design company that specializes in custom lighting design for homes and businesses. Landscape and seasonal lighting are our ONLY business, not a sideline or an addition to other design activities. We have the knowledge of proper fixture placement and light capabilities which is by far the most important aspect in professional landscape lighting design and installation.