Landworks Studio understands that each project is unique and provides the possibility to explore the design potential of the site and the program regardless of scope and budget. Our passion for creating venues for individual knowledge and exploration is paralleled only by our enthusiasm to supply our customers with unique professional service.

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The word "Strong" means a lot to us, this company has seen a change in geography, the birth of twins, a great recession, five generations of clients and employees in the workforce, threats in deregulation of our practice and an international pandemic. Being a small shop with big ideas means we are nimble, accessible, creative and adaptable. Each one of us brings a unique perspective to every project, every site, every client and every opportunity, each and every day. Many thanks to all of our amazing partners, teammates, clients and communities over the years for making this possible.

No matter the scope or size of a project, we begin each effort by engaging with our clients and those who will use the space. Our team then considers the environment and context, developing solutions that fit the site and your budget. We use our professional expertise and years of industry experience to direct and inform the design, ensuring the results stand the test of time. When we think of some of our best memories, outdoor environments have played a key role. From wooded trails leading to stones in a slow-moving stream to vibrant playgrounds and active ballfields, these are the places that shape who we are and activate, connect and restore us.

Our team is highly creative and uses a combination of in-depth experience and excitement to help our clients achieve their vision. We lead a process that delivers high quality, purposeful, creative places that inspire people at every scale and budget. Carisa McMullen loves to make things happen. Armed with creativity and purpose-and a natural affinity for developing true relationships-she addresses project challenges with a "just say yes" attitude. Then, she finds the smartest and most efficient way to achieve the clients' goals.

Jefferson City, Missouri's population was rising, and they saw the need for parks and recreation facilities to grow alongside those numbers. With many parks and facilities out-of-date, they needed a plan to prioritize renovations and identify the costs associated. Three years ago, Landworks Studio was selected to assist the city in those efforts. Together, we partnered on the development of a city-wide Parks, Recreation and Forestry Master Plan with the goal of creating a road map to 2030. To pinpoint Jefferson City's needs, we conducted a thorough investigation and analysis of the entire city and used the data collected to not only master plan each of their parks, but to create a multi-faceted strategy for updating, implementing, and maintaining their parks and recreation facilities.

We are extremely active in and proud of our communities. We strive to positively impact and influence our clients, colleagues and those around us with the work that we do on daily basis. We like to celebrate our wins, as well as the wins of those around us. Check out our news to see what's happening!

In celebration of our anniversary, we're honoring our diverse and comprehensive portfolio. Below, you'll see just a small selection of the work we've done across the region. Over the last 20 years, we have created engaging public spaces that have positively impacted the built environment. No matter the size of the project, we've strived to elevate and enhance the everyday experience of those who use them.