How do we begin working with a garden? Another way is to move-transplant existing plants, prune, reshape beds + add new plantings for a fresh look. A third strategy in garden care is to improve the scenes as we maintain your property, moving and/or pruning plants that should stay and adding new plants over time.

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  City San Francisco, CA
  Zip Code 94122
  Address 1847 32nd Avenue
  Phone Number (415) 238-2020

From Our Website

Thanks for stopping by my internet garden home. My name is Scott Fernandez and I was born in San Francisco in the 60's. It was an interesting time and place to grow up, needless to say. Of course the situation is ripe with irony, "flower power", "be sure to wear a flower in your hair" and all that jazz. My 1st Horticulture degree was earned from City College of San Francisco in the 80's while I worked weekends and nights in a nursery at Fisherman's Wharf. In 1991 I started Masterpiece Gardening in Woodbury, Connecticut, a very special place.

The owner is available, working with you, constantly communicating clear goals while covering basic needs of your garden. 2. I will will not only maintain your property, but also spend time to create something unique for you. 3 I prune and clean yards and gardens properly to increase your property value. 4. This service is non-chemical, 100% organic. I see the health of my clients, their families, pets, as well as the garden and myself and any helpers as a top priority. 5. Masterpiece Gardening designs and long term plant care strategies are well thought out knowing that each situation is unique and requires the thoughtfullness you deserve.

Over several weeks, Scott developed a vision of what our gardens could become. In my experience, he is unusually sensitive to the potential of a site and listens attentively to both his human client and the soil, conditions, and existing flora. Scott has created gardens in front of our house and in back that are visually pleasing and quietly artful. I gave Scott the challenge to find mostly natives for our gardens, and he has surpassed my best hopes in the number, variety, and beauty of the specimens he found through diligent research throughout the bay area.

I developed the garden beds surrounding the house on 2 levels and outer landscape of this fantastic landscape for 12 years, upgrading areas one by one over time, adding to the natural scene. The owners are amongst my favorite clients. What a property: 35 scres, including a whole mountainside in the back of the property and a very large pond in front of the house between it and the corner of the road. There were many spaces for shrub-perennial beds surrounding the house and around the pond. There was great historical significance to this piece of land, too.

You are invited to visually stroll through the gardens by visiting our photo galleries to the left. Take your time, relax and enjoy as you view gardens we've lovingly created, each unique in character. Our gardens are designed and developed as scenes of a unified larger theme. Plant are combined to create natural scenes that fit the space and compliment each other, as you often see in botanical gardens. The beauty of colors and forms (not to mention the scents!) in our gardens are enjoyed by many homeowners, families, friends, birds, neighbors and communities.