We design and build water gardens and specialize in installing pretty artistic water features that transform your environment into a peaceful place where you can connect with nature. Looking out over your natural pond and stream, with brilliantly colored fish and sunlight gleaming on the water Listen. To the calming sound of a natural waterfall.

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Renovated pond with waterfall in Aptos, CA. Rebuilt with underwater LED lights and fish caves, next to an existing patio. Existing landscape plants and water plants were reused on this project. Previous feature had been a very heavy concrete structure that had to be removed and then the area cleared and the new pond shaped. Koi pond in Santa Cruz in frontward, approximate size 11 x 16. Customer had existing pond and fish so fish kept in a holding tank while we built a two waterfall and pond with fish caves.

The additional technologies used in a Koi Pond such as bottom drains, Ultra Violet Sterilizer, aerator and bead filters can be used with eco pond technology like water plants and wetland systems to a create a custom pond to suite your specific requirements.

If you are getting less pleasure from your pond, pondless waterfall or water garden than you would like, the chances are that it is time for a cleanout or upgrade. A cleanout involves draining the water, cleaning and power washing the rocks, removing overgrown or dead plant material and algae, refilling the feature with clean water and thinning out water plants and dressing the edges of the feature where needed. We have a large movable 800 gallon koi tank that can provide a home to fish whilst the pond is being cleaned.

What is a pondless waterfall? It is a waterfall or stream without a pond. The base is a biological system with water storage matrix boxes covered by filtration medium and natural gravel. It is energy efficient (no ecological need to run the system continually) and works great in small spaces. Freshen up your office or home entrance!

We offer a wetland system where plants are used for water filtration. These are self contained ecosystems that let nature do the work. These wetland systems can be combined with streams and can work with both large and small water features. They create a unique landscape of shallow water combined with plants and rock. While adding aesthetic appeal to water gardens, plants serve an even more important role. They help maintain the overall health of the pond by aiding in filtration and water clarity and helping to reduce algae.

We offer custom residential landscape installations incorporating hardscaping - drainage, grading, patios, pathways, stonework, landscape lighting and softscaping - soil preparation, plants and irrigation systems. Our ponds offer a way to reconnect with nature. They are environmentally friendly, safe and low maintenance. As moving water encompasses all the senses, your water feature will be the focal point of the yard. Our ponds can incorporate water plants which are truly the "emerald" jewels of the gardening world.

Whether installed in a large backyard or around a small home it is one of the best ways of making a living space inviting and restful. The water garden provides a place where natural rock, pathways, a bridge and water plants can naturally intersect with the larger landscape. Frequently a bench or resting area can be incorporated so that there is a place to relax and listen to the sounds of falling water!

Incorporating a stream as part of your water feature adds to your enjoyment by providing slow and fast moving water, a place for repose, and a place for children to play. The sound of moving water helps you to relax and offers endless fascination, enhancing the naturalness of the setting. We emphasize the artistic placement of stone alongside the stream or pond.