RSG stands behind all the work we perform. Our dedication to excellence and detail is not compromised by the hurried day-to-day routine. To insure quality to the user, our team consists of a Landscape Architect, Landscape Technicians, Seeding and Erosion Control Specialists, a Horticulturist and team members with specialized training.

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  City Lynchburg, VA
  Zip Code 24504
  Address 1621 Crews Shop Rd
  Phone Number (434) 993-2753

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RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care is a full service, commercial landscaping firm with a presence throughout the Mid-Atlantic with headquarters in Concord, VA (branch offices in Roanoke, Virginia, Richmond, VA, and Charleston, West Virginia). We specialize in grounds maintenance, landscaping, hardscaping and design/build projects for general contractors, construction projects, along with multiple segments of business, including general municipalities, school systems, private schools, residential communities, health care, higher education, professional centers, office suites, retail centers, hospitality, and commercial.

Our goal is to provide your grounds with the safest and greenest methods to ensure your grounds meet your organization's standards of pristine views and health.

RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. offers Athletic Field Construction & Maintenance Services for our clients. Whether you are a municipality, higher education, public or private school system, or club - we have the knowledgeable personnel, certifications/licenses, top of the line equipment, and experience to assist you from the planning phase to the execution, finished product, and maintenance afterwards. After planning, designing, and precise laser grading with our state-of-the-art equipment, are you in need of sprigging services?

For our businesses and commercial properties, we offer a wide range of snow removal services that include: snow plowing, ice control, snow hauling, sidewalk shoveling, and parking lot plowing and maintenance. As a value to our grounds maintenance clients, we do not offer snow removal as a standalone service to the public. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, we can help with options to work with your financial needs and can offer different billing options.

RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. has team members licensed and certified as Stormwater Management Inspectors by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Stormwater runoff regulations are imminent in the years to come. This valuable certification will be another valuable resource for our clients in assisting with mandated inspections and reporting. Bioretention is the process in which contaminants and sedimentation are removed from stormwater runoff. Stormwater is collected into the treatment area which consists of a grass buffer strip, sand bed, ponding area, organic layer or mulch layer, planting soil, and plants.

Does your organization have a desire for a new landscape? Are you thinking about ways to create new outdoor spaces for your students, residents, customers, employees, etc.? RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. has a team of designers who are here to provide service to exceed your expectations. By listening to your needs and objectives, collaborating on desired outcomes, our design team can construct a plan that will key on all facets of your project's demands. A key value to using RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc.'s designers is that the key members of our divisions that could be involved in the execution of the plan will be at the "collaboration table" behind the scenes with our designers.

At RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc. we strive for service excellence and take pleasure in transforming each one of our landscaping client's objectives from plans to reality. Our landscape supervisors take ownership of their designs, overseeing every phase, from supply and material selection through construction, all the way to landscape installation. This creates an efficient workflow with each phase smoothly proceeding into the next, while assessing each detail as the design moves forward. Our plant material is sourced from our sister company, Guthrie Nursery, Inc.'s 30-Acre selection of plants which come with a one-year warranty.

Our fully-licensed (Ex: Responsible Land Disturber, Commercial Fertilization, Commercial Lime) professionals at RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc.'s Seeding Division are here to help your organization with all concerns, regulations, and objectives relative to erosion control and soil stabilization. Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, coastal areas, river banks and construction. Our services do not have an acreage minimum as we provide services to areas of all sizes.